Overview: Fine Art Workshops 2019-20

AUGUST 16-18, Fri-Sun 10am-4 pm
Studio 55, 55 Howe Road, Martinez, CA
Tuition: $ 350 ( plus $ 30 materials fee directly to the instructor)
Pre-register: http://www.studio55martinez.com/ Tel:925 937 6422 mira@mirawhitefineart.com Advance registration recommended

OCTOBER 3-5, Thurs-Sat. 9am-4 pm
Dakota Pastels Art Center,
17873 State Route 536 Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Tuition: $350
Pre-register: http://www.dakotapastels.com
info@dakotapastels.com / 
888.345.0067 (ext 5)

THE ABSTRACT BEAUTY OF BLACK – and all the shades of grey
November 1-3,Fri-Sun 9:30 am -4:30 pm
Mendocino Art Center, 45200 Little Lake St., Mendocino, CA 95460
Tuition: $ 345
1 800 653-3328 or http://www.mendocinoartcenter.org

March 21-22, 2020, Sat-Sun 10 am-4 pm
Marin MOCA,781 Hamilton Parkway
Novato, CA
Tuition $ 275 ( plus additional materials fee of $ 25 to the instructor)
Pre-register: http://www.marinmoca.org

WONDROUS WAX!: Abstract Intentions with Hot Wax & Mixed Media
April 24-26, 2020  Fri-Mon  10 am-4 pm 
Jen Tough Gallery, 942 Tyler St. Suite #28
Tuition: $ 425 ( plus $ 75 materials fee directly to the instructor)
Pre-register:https://jentough.gallery/workshops or mira@mirawhitefineart.com
Advance registration required ( enrollment limited to 6)

May 23,24,25, 2020, Sat-Mon- 9:30am-4:30 pm
Mendocino Art Center, 45200 Little Lake St. PO Box 765
Mendocino, CA 95460
Tuition:TBA ( Additional materials fee of $30  directly to instructor)
Pre-register: 1 800 653-3328 or http://www.mendocinoartcenter.org


To register for my private workshops: 925 947-5773 / mira@mirawhitefineart.com
REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY FOR MY PRIVATE WORKSHOPS: Cancellation will yield a refund only if cancellation occurs no later than 2 weeks before said workshop.



 August 16-18, 2019

Spring paint300

This vibrant workshop combines multiple media techniques with oil, cold wax , pigment sticks and collage on a variety of surfaces, emphasizing unity of design, texture and color. We work with a combination of both dry and wet media, including soft pastels , watercolor, oil paint/ sticks/ pastels., charcoal, graphite and collage. Acrylic media can serve as a base underpainting. . All Imagery applicable. Appropriate for continuing painters. 

 Sat-Mon.10 am-4 pm                         Tuition: $ 350
Studio 55,  55 Howe Road                  Materials fee $ 30 to instructor
Martinez, CA                                         Register:online:www.studio55martinez.com
94553                                                        (through PayPal)
Tel. 925 937-6422                                 mira@mirawhitefineart.com


PAINTS: Your collection of acrylic and  oil paints, including white , black, yellow and /or   raw sienna scarlet red, rose red, ultra  and pthalo blue- other colors viable.

PIGMENT STICKS: R & F or Sennelier or Paul de Marrais(online only)

MEDIUM: Gamblin Cold Wax medium or Dorlands( prefer Gamblin)Gamblin  Gamblin Galkyd Gel tube

SOLVENT: Citra Solv ( pint or quart)- container with lid and spray bottle


1 Arches Oil Paper pad–9×12” or 12×16”
3  cradled panels- no smaller than 12”x12”
2 sheets 22″x30″ 140 lb or 300 lb gessoed Arches  cold press or hot press watercolor paper( optional)


2-3 palette knives (trowel type blade) , any additional scraping tools
bowl Bowl silicon scraper–Messermeister from Amazon.
Smooth foam rollers
Color Shapers 2” or 3”(from Jerry’s or Amazon)
Assorted Brushes,
Masking Tape Powdered Graphite Powder and/or powdered pigments Masking Tape, Assorted Assorted Brushes
Waxed Paper
Protective nitrile gloves cream for hands
photos or sketches  and other collage papers of choice
Newsprint for mark making and collage

Graphite Powder and dry pigments
Extra mark making tools, soft pastels, oil pastels
Rubbing Alcohol and fixative
Back up materials and tools




The Abstract Beauty of Black ( and all the shades of grey)

November 1-3, 2019The Three in the One300

This mixed media workshop focuses on the inherent beauty of black as a color. While the focus is on abstraction, it will incorporate both drawing and painting processes; it honors the rich and varied tonal and textural effects one can achieve with a restrained palette of blacks, greys and white. We will work a variety of media, which will include black and white gesso, ink, graphite, water-based graphite, graphite powder, soft pastels and oil pigment sticks. This exciting, innovative workshop is for continuing artists of all mediums.

Fri-Sun 9:30 am-4:30pm                         Tuition: MAC member $ 310 Non member $345
Mendocino Art Center                           (Additional $15 materials fee to instructor)
45200 Little Lake St.                                Pre-register: 800 653-3328           
Mendocino, CA 95460                              http://www.mendocinoartcenter.org



Lyra Water based Graphite crayon (Blick online
Art Graf Water Based Graphite Tablets (Amazon)
Rembrandt black, white, grey soft pastel sticks,
Black, white & grey oil pigment sticks (R&F preferred)


Gel medium (pint size), and/or Polymer Medium
White and Black Acrylic Gesso 1 pint each
Black Sumi Ink (Yasutomo preferred)
1 pint Citra Solv organic natural solvent
Liquitex Clear Gesso- 1 quart

PAPERS/ SURFACES TO WORK ON: Select your choice.

Rag Drawing paper- 2 large sheets (Lennox 100, Coventry rag)
1 Cradled wood panel and/or, gessoed cardboard

1 sheets Arches hot press 140lb.or 300 lb watercolor paper—
A support board for your work
2 sheets 140 lb Watercolor paper 22”x30”, cut up into 7”x10” pieces for warm ups


Variety of brushes and/or foam rollers
3 Cosmetic spray bottles (.99 @ Bed, Bath & Beyond) or on Amazon
Variety of purchased or personally designed stencils (optional)
Mark making tools: The following are your choice: Feathers,
Different Brushes
Color Shapers
Scrapers of all kinds


Roll of practice paper
Large feather duster tools
Extra tools



Luminous nite300

We are going to have a great time working with soft pastels in a variety of experimental ways: under-paintings with acrylics, watercolors or pastel diluted with rubbing alcohol.( No petroleum-based solvents in this workshop.)  We will be layering both dry and wet processes.  Lots of exuberant mark making on several surfaces!  Open to continuing artists of all levels and media and adventurous beginners who want to explore the versatility of this vibrant medium!

Thurs-Sat 9-4 pm
Dakota Pastels Art Center
17873 State Route 536
Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273

Tuition: $350   ($ 30  Additional materials fee to instructor)
 Pre-register: http://www.dakotapastels.com
info@dakotapastels.com/ 888.345.0067 Ext.5



Soft Pastels: ( No Oil Pastels)

 1 set Nupastels ( by Prismacolor)
 1 set Rembrandts  ( can be set of ½ sticks)
 OPTIONAL :Schmincke, Sennelier, or Great American ArtWorks  ( if you are able)

  Papers: Surfaces

2 sheets  full size Gesso Primed 140 lb or 300 lb watercolor paper ( both sides)
1 Sheet Colorfix by Art Spectrum Pastel paper 20”x28” or Premier or U Art ( Sanded Pastel Papers or Pastel Mat (From Dakota Pastels) ( OPTIONAL)
15 sheets of hardware grade 320 grit wet/dry sand paper( 8″x10″ ( It is black) ( for warm up exercises)

Paints: Your collection of acrylic paints / colored inks

 Brushes: An assortment of inexpensive hog bristle brushes that can withstand sanded pastel papers,

Additional materials:

 1 pint Liquitex Clear Gesso ( has pumice, for priming – only this brand)
70 % isopropyl rubbing alcohol 1 pt.
2 “ or wider Masking tape, Bull dog clips , Blending stumps/Q tips
Surgical/protective gloves/ protective hand creme
Utility knife
Drawing board to fit size of paper
Portable easel (optional,) –
Glassine paper for protecting work. and portfolio ( can be homemade & cardboard) for storing work

Fixative for  pastels ( archival)
Graphite powder and dry pigments
Extra mark making tools


Mail Order Suppliers:  Dakota Pastels http://www.dakotapastels.com


MARCH 21-22, 2020


      Join me for an exhilarating adventure in contemporary figure painting with soft pastels and mixed  media. During this workshop you will initially work from a model. Focusing first on observation, then using your drawings as starting points, work toward interpretive abstraction using multiple processes. Recommended for continuing artists and very adventurous beginners who have some experience in figure drawing/painting.


 Sat- Sun 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Marin MOCA,  500 Palm Drive
(Studio is at :781 Hamilton Parkway, behind Beso Cafe)

  Fee: Members $225;  Non-members $250 (plus model fee of $40, paid to instructor)  Register online at www.marinmoca.org  Visa and MasterCard welcome.
Registration forms are also available in the MarinMOCA lobby, 500 Palm Drive, or in theclassroom building, 781 Hamilton Parkway.

More info:  MarinMOCA office at 415.506.0137, Wednesday – Friday, 11am to 4pm or Saturday – Sunday 11am to 5pm.

Materials list: TBA

WONDROUS WAX! Abstract Intentions with HOT WAX & Mixed Media

Thee 300

 3 Day Intensive Encaustic Workshop
APRIL 24-26, 2020



This vibrant workshop combines multiple media techniques with melted beeswax
on a variety of surfaces, emphasizing unity of design, texture and color. We work with a combination of both dry and wet media, including soft pastels , watercolor, oil paint/ sticks/ pastels., charcoal, graphite and collage. No acrylic media. All Imagery applicable. Use mediums of choice. Appropriate for continuing painters and collagists.Beginners in Encaustics are welcome!. Instructor supplies the wax medium, wax paint, heating tools( griddles, heat guns, torches) practice surfaces and 1 panel  per student.
Fri-Sun  10 am-4 pm                     Pre-register:
Tuition: TBA 
Jen Tough Gallery Workshop Space
Tyler St. Benicia , CA 94510


Due to the nature of this workshop, the Instructor is supplying many of the materials and requires a materials fee of $75  to  help defray the costs. Please pay at the workshop. CASH is preferred payment.  


 1 Cradled, primed Birch Panels 8’x8”  for each student
 3 8 ply museum mat board , small pieces for mounting  8”x8” for practice pieces
Paint Brushes
Encaustic Medium ( wax with damar resin)
Encaustic Paint ( the rainbow spectrum plus white)
Heat Guns, torches, heating surfaces ( electric griddles, fry pans)
Graphite Powder, Charcoal powder
Some scraping tools
Some Collage tools
Some Oil Pastels , soft pastels & Drawing Media, watercolor in spray bottles
Tubs for pouring Wax


  1. You will need 300 lb w/c paper or 4 or 8 ply museum board – 1 full sheet cut up in 6 “ squares for exercises You should  have about 15 6″x6″ pieces for samplers
  2. Your collection of watercolor, drawing, oil  and collage materials including:
    Watercolor crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, water based graphite pencils, colored pencils, Oil paint sticks, graphite pencils. Wax loves Oil. No acrylic paint
  3. 3  Additonal Surfaces to work on:  Must be Absorbent and Inflexible
    2 Wood *or prepared Encaustic panels—8”x8” up to 14”
    * 1/2″  birch or finished plywood is great


           3 Bristle utility brushes ,  variety of sizes ½”, 1”, 2” – cheap are fine.
           Scissors, Tweezers,
           Collage materials: Papers, Threads, Xerox images, photos
          Masking Tape for stenciling—1/2 “ , 1”
          Rags/ Wear crummy clothes, bring an oven mitt
          The following mediums are entirely optional but extremely useful

               Oil Paint Sticks ( Sennelier or R&F are best)
               Oil Pastels
               Woody Stabilo pencils
Soft Pastels  – both stick and/or Pan pastels                                        




ABSTRACTION IN LAYERS:Mira’s Mixed Media Mash Up

                MAY 23-25, 2020

scape2018300 copy

This vibrant workshop explores abstraction with multiple layers and multiple media techniques.  Oil, cold wax, pigment sticks and collage converse on a variety of surfaces, emphasizing unity of design, texture and color.  We  work with a combination of both dry & wet media, including soft pastels, watercolor, oil paint, pigment sticks, charcoal, graphite and collage.  Acrylic media can serve as a base underpainting.  All imagery applicable.  Appropriate for continuing painters.

 Sat- Monday 9:30-4:30 pm         Tuition: TBA( Additional Materials Fee of $30 )
Mendocino Art Center                Pre-register: 800 653-3328
45200 Little Lake St.                    http://www.mendocinoartcenter.org
Mendocino, CA 95460


PAINTS: Your collection of both oils and acrylic paints.  Please include white,  black, yellow or raw sienna, scarlet red, rose red, ultra and pthalo blue- other colors viable.
OIL PIGMENT STICKS:  I like R &F but others are fine
DRY MEDIA: Soft Pastels- the softer the better
MEDIUM: Gamblin Galkyd Gel or solvent free gel.
SURFACES: 1 Arches Oil Paper pads 9″x12d” or 12″x16″ ( for warm ups)
                      2 sheets D-Arches watercolor paper 22″x30″ primed with gesso. (optional) 
                     2 or 3 cradled panels at least 12″x12″
2-3 different palette knives and scraping tools
Bowl silicon scraper – Messermeister from Amazon
Smooth foam rollers- a contractor pack with handle
Assorted brushes
Waxed paper or freezer paper
Palette of some sort
Masking Tape
Protective nitrile gloves
Collage papers of choice

(The materials fee will cover the additional materials I will be bringing up for group use: graphite, some pigments, additional pastels and pigment sticks, powders, cold wax medium)