MIXED MEDIA MASH UP:Stunning Abstracts with Acrylics, Collage, Soft Pastels

APRIL 26-28

                                                JEN TOUGH GALLERY

Upside Down300

This workshop offers new possibilities for artists who want to enrich their work by incorporating multiple media.  It focuses on the amazing possibilities available in combining soft pastels, acrylics and collage. It is also about creating work that strikes a deeper meaning for you.  We will be building layers, adding, subtracting, scraping, using both homemade and commercial stencils, using soft pastels as both a drawing and painting medium, alternating with acrylics.

Our collage materials will be culled from painting exercises the first day, structured initially as a base layer or underpainting. Acrylics, soft pastels, water soluble graphite sticks, water soluble oil pastels will all contribute to this mixed media mash up!  I hope you will join me!

Who should take this workshop:

You are fascinated with Abstraction as a way to bring more personal meaning, excitement and  drama into your work.

You want to learn more about the soft pastel medium and how to incorporate it into your paintings.

You are obsessed with color, texture, and design and want to incorporate these elements more fully into your work:

You are fascinated with layering processes and the possibilities of layering and excavating- it is kind of an archeological dig.

You want to learn how to combine acrylics with pastels in a way that enhances rather than muddies.

 You want to experiment with  mark making, doodling and develop a  more personal   calligraphy and visual vocabulary.

JEN TOUGH GALLERY                                       Tuition: $ 425 ( Includes lunch daily)
942 Tyler St., Suite E                                           Register: 1-833-278-5683
Benicia, CA 94510