The Archeology of Form: Abstraction in Layers

March 19-20, 2022

Archeology of Form

2 day workshop in person


This 2 day workshop focuses on building an abstract visual structure through the application of multiple layers, working primarily with a combination of dry media ,acrylic paints & collage. Dry media includes  graphite, soft pastels,  transfers,.  We do morning exercises, have informal lecture and continual demonstration. The intention of this workshop is to enrich your current practice with a combination of spontaneous, innovative  paint processes and mark making. Ample time for  personal exploration and individual attention.  For continuing artists.

Saturday – Sunday 10 am-4pm
Studio 55, 55 Howe Road, Martinez, Ca
Tuition: $ 350


Liquid Media:Your collection of acrylic paints
                        White & Black Gesso
                        Acrylic gloss medium
                       Matt or Gloss Acrylic Gel

Dry Media:    Soft Chalk  Pastels( should include  Sennelier or Schminke or
                         Great American Artworks)Pan Pastels can be included
                         Colored Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, Water-soluble Oil Pastels
                         Water Soluble Graphite ( Lyra brand from Amazon or Blick)
                          Dry pigments ( optional)

Surfaces:       2 sheets full size  Gessoed watercolor paper, 140 lb or 300 lb hot or cold press
                      10 pieces smaller sheets of Strathmore watercolor for exercises
                      2 same size size cradled wood panel at least 12″  for o focused diptych

 Mediums: Gel medium- mat or gloss &  Liquitex Clear Gesso( I use this as both a clear barrier and a tooth providing surface, as this gesso has pumice in it- great product)

Additional Tools:

Palette of some form- Cookie sheet or tray is great
Wax Paper or freezer paper
2 Spray bottles 1 for water and 1 for Alcohol
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%
Dense Foam smooth rollers – contractors pack- roller handles are separate
Your collection of brushes and scraping tools
Drawing board of some kind- 1/2″  foam core is great- and light
Collage papers ( totally optional and your choice)


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