Online: Wondrous Watercolor


     I offer a unique perspective as regards traditional approaches to  watercolor.  I use the watercolor medium to enable  and encourage personal, intuitive journeys, to enable access to internal sources, to work from the heart.  Painting is my prayer and  I want to inspire you to find your own unique vision.

World events have necessitated approaching teaching in experimental and innovative ways.  Our class will continue to meet  for 6 weekly meetings on Zoom. It is my hope that participants will set themselves up in their home studios and work along with me while I demonstrate.  Lessons will be sent through e mail, further interaction and presentations through our private Facebook group and some live videos. Our time on Zoom will consist of discussion, Q&A, presentation of work done during the week, and demos by me.

Who should take this class?
.You are fascinated with abstraction as a way to bring more personal meaning, excitement and drama into your work. You want to find a way to combine representation with abstraction.
You want to learn more about this luminous medium and the layering process.

You are frustrated with traditional representational watercolor approaches but love    the watercolor and want to explore more about color, design & the power of water      itself.

You want to work more physically with this medium, permit innovative processes to influence your current work. Experiment more with non-traditional tools: rags, scrapers, rollers

Experiment and incorporate mark making, and personal form of calligraphy into your visual vocabulary

Tuition: $300 , payable through Paypal. 

Wondrous Watercolor Online class

A 6 week class using the watercolor medium


To register for my private classes & workshops: 925 947-5773 /
REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY FOR MY PRIVATE  CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Cancellation will yield a refund only if cancellation occurs no later than 2 weeks before said workshop.

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