January 15- February 25, 2022



I am delighted to offer this experimental drawing class, which will be devoted to using many unconventional tools and processes to explore graphic expression. We will be working  with a variety of both color and tonal media. Zoom will be our meeting place.  I envision this class as a fun way to loosen up our practice  and discover new avenues of approach. Open to artists of all levels with a sense of adventure.

January 15-Feb.26                     Tuition: $300                                                    
Fridays 10am-12. noon              Pre-register: mira@mirawhitefineart.com


Drawing Paper:( Your choice of:)
Hot press watercolor paper 90 or 140 lb or
2 sheets Coventry Rag, Stonehenge Rising printmaking paper – white
Multi media sketchbook 
Graphite powder
Charcoal powder
Sumi Ink
Watercolor crayons and/or pencils
Art Graf tailors chalk ( Amazon)-looks like dark chocolate
Lyra Water based graphite sticks
Rags,  TP for smearing dry media
Q tips, tortillons or blending stumps
Templates/ homemade stencils
Your collection of graphite pencils
Dip pens of all sizes for working with ink
small spray misters ( travel section @ Bed Bath Beyond or Amazon)

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