Abstract Intentions in Cold Wax, Oil & Pigment Sticks


This workshop will  focus on a variety of innovative  techniques with oil /cold wax and pigment sticks. During our time together we will work with a variety of mixed media methods with the wax, including dry media( pastels, dry pigments, graphite.) exploring its diversity.   We will begin with morning exercises which you then will be able to apply to your panels.  It will be advisable to begin underpinnings with acrylic to expedite drying.You will leave the workshop with at least 3 panels that can work separately or together as a triptych. this workshop is for continuing painters familiar with oil media and excited about combining cold wax, oil,pigment sticks , and perhaps some collage.. Workshop limited to 7 participants, wearing masks, gloves and honoring social distancing.  

And why should you take this workshop?

  • You are fascinated with Abstraction as a way to bring more personal meaning, excitement and  drama into your work.
  • You are obsessed with color, texture, and design and want to incorporate these elements more fully into your work:
  • You are fascinated with layering processes and the possibilities of layering and excavating- it is kind of an archeological dig.
  • You want to learn how to combine  pastels and oil pigment sticks in a way that enhances rather than muddies.
  • You want to experiment with  mark making, doodling and develop a  more personal   calligraphy and visual vocabulary.

       Tuition: $350
       For more info: mira@mirawhitefineart.com




1.Your collection of oil paints, including white, black, yellow and or raw Sienna, scarlet red, rose red, both ultramarine and pthalo blue- other colors viable.
2.  Acrylic paints, which will serve as first layer underpainting media.
3.  Liquitex clear Gesso, which will be necessary as a barrier.

PIGMENT STICKS:  R&F, Sennelier, Winsor Newton , Shiva, all make pigment sticks, but R&F are my favorites.

OTHER DRY MEDIA: ( Optional) Soft Pastels, Graphite, Dry pigments

MEDIUM: Gamblin Cold Wax or Dorlands
Gamblin Galkyd Gel tube

SOLVENT: Citra Solv(the concentrate- pint or quart) container with lid and also spray bottle
or any oil based solvent- Gamsol is preferred.

1 Arches Oil Paper pad 9″x12″ or 12″x16″ with a support board 
1 or each 2 or 3 cradled panels, no smaller than 12″x12″
And/or Gessoed Watercolor Paper.

Palette: Freezer paper or white coated paper or palette
2-3 Palette knives( trowel type blade
Any additional scraping tools.  I love the Bowl scraper Meissermeister from Amazon/Color Shapers
Assorted Brushes
Smooth Foam rollers- 3 ” and/or 6″
Masking Tape/ Waxed Paper
Protective nitrile gloves/ cream for hands
Newsprint and other collage papers of choice ( gel medium as an adhesive for collage underpainting)



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