NOVEMBER 7-8, 2020

Love Orange300

                ONLINE 2 Day Workshop with Mira M. White

This workshop will  focus on a variety of innovative  techniques with oil /cold wax and pigment sticks. During our time together we will work with a variety of mixed media methods with the wax, exploring its diversity.  You will leave the workshop with at least 3 panels that can work separately or together as a triptych. For continuing painters familiar with oil media. We will meet on Zoom and work together from our home studios. Enrollment limited to 10 participants.

  • You are fascinated with Abstraction as a way to bring more personal meaning, excitement and  drama into your work.
  • You are obsessed with color, texture, and design and want to incorporate these elements more fully into your work:
  • You are fascinated with layering processes and the possibilities of layering and excavating- it is kind of an archeological dig.
  • You want to learn how to combine  pastels and oil pigment sticks in a way that enhances rather than muddies.
  • You want to experiment with  mark making, doodling and develop a  more personal   calligraphy and visual vocabulary.

       Tuition: $300  payable thru paypal

Expressions in Wax, Oil and Pigment Sticks

Online workshop



MATERIALS LIST 7You will need 300 lb w/c paper or 4 or 8 ply museum board – 1 full sheet cut up in 6 “ squares for exercises You should  have about 15 6″x6″ pieces for samplers. You can also use Arches Oil Paper

  1. Your collection of oil  and collage materials including:
    Watercolor crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, water based graphite pencils, colored pencils, Oil paint sticks, graphite pencils. Wax loves OilNo acrylic paint
  2. 3  Additonal Surfaces to work on:  Must be Absorbent and Inflexible
    3 Wood *or prepared Encaustic panels—8”x8” up to 14”
    * 1/2″  birch or finished plywood is great

    Gamblin cold wax 1 pint, variety of scraping, spreading tool
3 Bristle utility   brushes , variety of sizes ½”, 1”, 2” – cheap are fine.
Scissors, Tweezers,
Collage materials: Papers, Threads, Xerox images, photos
Masking Tape for stenciling—1/2 “ , 1”
Rags/ Wear crummy clothes, bring an oven mitt,
          Protective gloves and/ or hand creme
          Nail scrubber and bar soap
         Wax paper





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