A QUIET MEDITATION ON FORM                          

                                  OCTOBER 19-21, 2020

Update: Workshop is on hold due to the virus, but stay tuned for updates and alternate locations….

Graphite Grey Wonder300 Graphite Grey Wonder Graphite/ Gesso  on 30”x40”                     © Mira M. White 2019                  

This workshop is all about graphite and its multiple uses for  both  drawing and painting.

     I began using graphite as a tonal medium in 1995 and it has continued to be a favorite since then.  I use it in multiple ways, on varied surfaces. and engage with it as a quiet meditation on form. My process allows me to take  deep journeys into my work in ways I cannot do with other media. Generally, the process is monochromatic, but sometimes includes subtle applications of soft pastel and additional  layering with gesso and pencil work. I also want to include in this workshop an exposure to silverpoint, a metal point tool that pre-dated the graphite pencil; it was widely used in the Renaissance in preparatory drawing, and I enjoy incorporating it in  my experimental graphite work.

     I find alternating between working quietly with dry mediums and my larger, layered multiple media works gives me increasingly fresh perspectives  and opens up new possibilities.

      In our workshop we will be working on varied surfaces, working both small and large, with our objective being the development of 1 piece, as well as exposure to multiple processes.  The schedule will begin with morning sessions devoted to exploring different processes on different surface and the afternoons will  be devoted to the development of 1 long term piece, with opportunity to include transfers and collage in the process.

 Mon-Wed 10 am- 4 pm
  Jen Tough Gallery
 806 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505
  Pre-register: http://www.contemporaryartworkshops.com
  Tuition: $700 ( $ 15 additional materials fee to instructor)




Graphite Powder (comes  in both water soluble and oil soluble)
Lyra Water based graphite stick-  set of 3 ( Amazon)comes 2B, 6B / 9B
Black Rembrandt Soft Chalk Pastel ( really dense black)
Your collection of regular drawing pencils ( any brand)
Fine line Marker pens – white & Black
Magic Rub Eraser
Kneaded Eraser
Silverpoint tool
White Gesso, Black Gesso, Black Sumi Ink, Gel medium for gluing


1 sheet 140 lb or 300 lb Rag Watercolor Paper 22”x30” ( Hot Press), cut in 2 pieces
I mixed media sketch book 9”x12” ( at least 80 lb weight) for exercises
2 Claybord  panels Cradled  8”x8” ,
1(optional) wood panel at least 12”x12”- best if cradled and primed with white gesso
1 sheet  matte Duralar ( needs to be fairly thick)(.005)(also called matte drafting   film)(Amazon)
1 sheet Yupo- ( can be 9”x12”)

Protective gloves, Scissors
Sand paper ( 320 grit), Masking tape ( 1 ½”
Q Tips/ Blending Stumps/ Tortillons
Citra Solv ( waterbased potent organic solvent)
Rubbing Alcohol ( 70 %) Trigger Sprayer with variable nozzle
Appropriate brushes- bristle and/ or synthetic
Rags , Dust Mask
Containers for liquid and lidded container for small amounts of graphite powder
Color shapers and/ or color scrapers

Additional Materials fee of $ 15 to be paid to the Instructor for additional materials she will be bringing .



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