MARCH 7-8, 2020


Graphite Grey Wonder300 Graphite Grey Wonder Graphite/ Gesso  on 30”x40”                     © Mira M. White 2019                  

     This workshop is all about graphite and its multiple uses as both a drawing and painting medium. We will be experimenting with graphite powder, water-based graphite pencils, & exploring an exciting array of techniques.  If you are captivated by the subtle richness of delicate grays or the range of powerful charcoal tones you can achieve with this medium,  this workshop is for you.!

  Sat/ Sun 10 am- 4 pm
  Jen Tough Gallery Studio Space
  940 Tyler St. Suite #29, Benicia, CA
  Pre-register: http://www.jentoughworkshops.com
  Tuition: $ 300 ( $ 15 additional materials fee to instructor)



  Graphite Powder (comes in a 6 oz. jar)
  Lyra Water based graphite stick-  set of 3 ( Amazon)comes 2B, 6B / 9B
 Art Graf water soluble graphite tablets ( set of  3 or 6 on Amazon)
 Your collection of regular drawing pencils ( any brand)
 Fine line Marker pens – white & Black
 Magic Rub Eraser
 Kneaded Eraser
Saral graphite transfer paper- can be a single sheet or a roll
White Gesso

 Select  at least 3 of the following surfaces:

 1 sheet 140 lb or 300 lb Rag Watercolor Paper 22”x30” ( Hot Press)
1 Claybord  Cradled or Uncradled
Additional wood panel at least 12”x12”- best if cradled
1 sheet  matte Duralar ( needs to be fairly thick)(.005)(also called matte drafting film)(Amazon)
Yupo sheet


 Additional materials:
Protective gloves
Sand paper ( 320 grit)
Masking tape ( 1 ½”
Q Tips/ Blending Stumps/ Tortillons
Citra Solv ( waterbased potent organic solvent)
Rubbing Alcohol ( 70 %)
Appropriate brushes- bristle and/ or synthetic
Dust Mask
Containers for liquid and lidded container for small amounts of graphite powder
Color shapers and/ or color scrapers

Additional Materials fee of $ 15 to be paid to the Instructor for additional materials she will be bringing .



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