August 16-18, 2019

Spring paint300

This vibrant workshop combines multiple media techniques with oil, cold wax , pigment sticks and collage on a variety of surfaces, emphasizing unity of design, texture and color. We work with a combination of both dry and wet media, including soft pastels , watercolor, oil paint/ sticks/ pastels., charcoal, graphite and collage. Acrylic media can serve as a base underpainting. . All Imagery applicable. Appropriate for continuing painters. 

 Sat-Mon.10 am-4 pm                         Tuition: $ 350
Studio 55,  55 Howe Road                  Materials fee $ 30 to instructor
Martinez, CA                                         Register:online:www.studio55martinez.com
94553                                                        (through PayPal)
Tel. 925 937-6422                                 mira@mirawhitefineart.com


PAINTS: Your collection of acrylic and  oil paints, including white , black, yellow and /or   raw sienna scarlet red, rose red, ultra  and pthalo blue- other colors viable.

PIGMENT STICKS: R & F or Sennelier or Paul de Marrais(online only)

MEDIUM: Gamblin Cold Wax medium or Dorlands( prefer Gamblin)Gamblin  Gamblin Galkyd Gel tube

SOLVENT: Citra Solv ( pint or quart)- container with lid and spray bottle


1 Arches Oil Paper pad–9×12” or 12×16”
3  cradled panels- no smaller than 12”x12”
2 sheets 22″x30″ 140 lb or 300 lb gessoed Arches  cold press or hot press watercolor paper( optional)


2-3 palette knives (trowel type blade) , any additional scraping tools
bowl Bowl silicon scraper–Messermeister from Amazon.
Smooth foam rollers
Color Shapers 2” or 3”(from Jerry’s or Amazon)
Assorted Brushes,
Masking Tape Powdered Graphite Powder and/or powdered pigments Masking Tape, Assorted Assorted Brushes
Waxed Paper
Protective nitrile gloves cream for hands
photos or sketches  and other collage papers of choice
Newsprint for mark making and collage

Graphite Powder and dry pigments
Extra mark making tools, soft pastels, oil pastels
Rubbing Alcohol and fixative
Back up materials and tools




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