APRIL 26-28

                                                JEN TOUGH GALLERY

Upside Down World300

This workshop offers new possibilities for artists who want to enrich their work by incorporating multiple media.  It focuses on the amazing possibilities available in combining acrylics, soft pastels & oil pigment sticks.. It is also about creating work that strikes a deeper meaning for you.  We will be building layers, adding, subtracting, scraping, using both homemade and commercial stencils, using soft pastels as both a drawing and painting mediums.

Acrylics, soft pastels, water soluble graphite sticks, water soluble oil pastels and oil pigment sticks will all contribute to this mixed media mash up!  I hope you will join me!

Who should take this workshop:

You are fascinated with Abstraction as a way to bring more personal meaning, excitement and  drama into your work.

You want to learn more about combining  soft pastels with oil pigment sticks  and how to incorporate it into your paintings.

You are obsessed with color, texture, and design and want to incorporate these elements more fully into your work:

You are fascinated with layering processes and the possibilities of layering and excavating- it is kind of an archeological dig.

You want to learn how to combine acrylics with pastels and oil pigment sticks  in a way that enhances rather than muddies.

 You want to experiment with  mark making, doodling and develop a  more personal   calligraphy and visual vocabulary.

JEN TOUGH GALLERY                                       Tuition: $ 425 ( Includes lunch daily)
942 Tyler St., Suite E                                           Register: 1-833-278-5683
Benicia, CA 94510


Paints:Your collection of  acrylic paints , including Titanium White ( or gesso),
                Black Gesso( densest black in acrylics
               Oil Pigment Sticks : I like R& F but  Sennelier or Winsor Newton are fine
Dry Media:Water soluble Graphite tools: Lyra, Art Graf
                      Soft Pastels :Your collection of assorted Soft Pastels, grading from hard to very soft   (  try to include Schminke Deep Violet and Prussian Blue)
       10 sheets hardware grade wet/dry sandpaper 320 or 400 grit ( black) ( for warm up exercises
       Arches Oil Paper pad 9″x12″  or 3 sheets 140 lb watercolor paper  22”x30” cut into quarters (   for warm ups)
       2 sheets Watercolor Paper hot or cold press ( 140 lb OR 300 lb)( pre-gesso)
       2 Cradled Wood Panels 16”x20” or much larger
Brushes: An assortment of inexpensive hog bristle brushes that can withstand sanded pastel papers, alcohol and acrylics ( include a 1 1/2″ and a 2″ brush
Additional materials:
1 pint Liquitex Clear Gesso ( has pumice-for priming watercolor paper- only this brand
2″ or wider Masking Tape, Bull dog Clips, Blending Stumps, Q Tips
Scraping tools : be resourceful!
Acrylic Gel medium for gluing
Wax paper ( for alcohol, pigment transfer paper)
1 qt. 70%  isopropyl rubbing alcohol
Plastic tarp / table cloth for work surface and floor- the dollar tree store has $1 shower curtains)
Protective gloves and/ or hand creme
Utility Knife
Drawing board to fit paper
Portable Easel ( optional)
Glassine paper ( or wax paper) for protective work and portfolio for storing work
Fixative recipe:1 Pre-Val Paint Sprayer for fixative( aerosol can and glass jar- at any paint store
1 small container fat free milk
1 small container 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
MIX 50% alcohol & 50% fat free milk into glass jar of paint sprayer

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