STUNNING ABSTRACTS with Mixed Media & Soft Pastels

Everything & Nothing Round #272


Join Mira for a great time working with soft pastels in a variety of experimental ways: underpaintings with acrylics, watercolors or pastels diluted with rubbing alcohol. (No petroleum-based solvents in this workshop.) Learn to layer in both dry and wet processes. Set yourself free with exuberant mark making on several different types of surfaces as you explore abstract art. This class is open to all levels, including adventurous beginners who want to explore the versatility of this vibrant medium.

This workshop with Mira will be a joyous adventure into abstract art. See what color, composition, line, value, mark making and edges can do when you are freed from the constraints of representational art.

June 18-22, 2018                           Tuition:    All Levels – $525
5 days – 9:00 – 4:00                        Enrollment with Paypal

Artist Website –
Email –
Cloudcroft Art Workshops, LLC
P.O.Box 1202
Cloudcroft, NM 88317Nite Wanderer300



Cloudcroft, June 18-22, 2018 Soft Pastels: ( No Oil Pastels)

 1 set Nupastels ( by Prismacolor)
1 set Rembrandts ( can be set of ½ sticks)
 1 set either Schmincke, Sennelier, or Great American ArtWorks ( if you are able)
1 each of Schmincke: 59 B & D deep Violet/ 66 B & D Prussian Blue ( my favorites)

Papers: Surfaces
2 Sheets of Colorfix by Art Spectrum Pastel paper 20”x28” or Premier or U Art ( Sanded Pastel Papers or Pastel Mat (From Dakota Pastels)
10 sheets of hardware grade 320 grit wet/dry sand paper ( It is black) ( for warm up exercises)
2 sheets of D’Arches Watercolor paper hot or cold press ( 300 lb or 140 lb)

Paints: Your collection of liquid acrylic paints / colored inks/ brushes for under-paintings

 Brushes: An assortment of inexpensive hog bristle brushes that can withstand sanded pastel papers,include a 1 1/2” and a 2” brush)

Additional materials:

1 pint Liquitex Clear Gesso ( has pumice, for priming – only this brand)
Plastic tarp/tablecloth for floor and work surface
1 roll Clear Contact Paper (CVS/ Taret) for attracting dust- very important
2 “ or wider Masking tape, Bull dog clips , Blending stumps/Q tips
1 Pre-Val Paint Sprayer for fixative (aerosol can and glass jar-Any paint store or Home Depot
Pint 70% Rubbing Alcohol
Homemade non-toxic fixative :mix at home and bring with you):Formula: Mix 1/2 cup 70% rubbing alcohol with 1/2 cup fresh non- fat milk ( fat free)( no need to refrigerate)
Surgical/protective gloves/ protective hand creme
Utility knife
Drawing board to fit size of paper  ( can be 1/2″ foam core)
Portable easel (optional,) –
Glassine paper for protecting work. and portfolio ( can be homemade & cardboard) for storing work

Mail Order Suppliers:

Dakota Pastels


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