Mixed Media Meets Melted Wax

Thee 300

                           3 Day Workshop with Mira M. White

This vibrant workshop combines multiple media techniques with melted beeswax on a variety of surfaces, emphasizing unity of design, texture and color. We work with a combination of both dry and wet media, including soft pastels , watercolor, oil paint/ sticks/ pastels., charcoal, graphite and collage. No acrylic media. All Imagery applicable. Appropriate for continuing painters and collagists. Instructor supplies the wax medium, wax paint, heating tools( griddles, heat guns, torches) practice surfaces and two panels per student. See materials list on instructor website:http://www.miraMwhite.com

 November 3,4,5, 2017                                            Tuition: $ 400 (to Studio 55)
Fri- Sun. 10 am-4 pm                                               Materials fee: $50 ( to Instructor)
Studio 55                                                                     Pre-register:
55 Howe RoadMartinez, CA 94553                        mira@mirawhitefineart.com
Tel. 925-937-0176


 Due to the nature of this workshop, the Instructor is supplying many of the materials and requires a materials fee of $50  to  help defray the costs. Please pay at the workshop. CASH is preferred payment.

2 Cradled, primed Birch Panels 8’x8”  for each student
8 ply museum mat board , small pieces for mounting  8”x8” for practice pieces
Texture materials: joint compound, texture paste
Paint Brushes
Encaustic Medium ( wax with damar resin)
Encaustic Paint ( the rainbow spectrum plus white)
Heat Guns, torches, heating surfaces ( electric griddles, fry pans)
Graphite Powder, Charcoal powder
Some scraping tools
Some Collage tools
Some Oil Pastels , soft pastels & Drawing Media, watercolor in spray bottles

1.  You will need 300 lb w/c paper or 4 or 8 ply museum board – 1 full sheet cut up in   6 “ squares for exercises

2.Your collection of watercolor, drawing, oil  and collage materials including:   Watercolor crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, water based graphite pencils, colored      pencils, Oil paint sticks, graphite pencils. Wax loves Oil. No acrylic paint

 3. Additonal Surfaces to work on:  Must be Absorbent and Inflexible: Here are some possibilities:

   Wood *or prepared Encaustic panels—8”x8” up to 14”
Watercolor paper- 300 lb

      3 Bristle utility brushes ,  variety of sizes ½”, 1”, 2” – cheap are fine.
     Scissors, Tweezers,
     Collage materials: Papers, Threads, Xerox images, photos ( optional)
      Masking Tape for stenciling—1/2 “ , 1”
      Rags/ Wear crummy clothes,
Nitrile gloves ( optional)
     The following mediums are entirely optional but extremely useful
      Oil Paint Sticks ( Sennelier or R&F are best)
      Oil Pastels
     Watercolor crayons ( Caran D’Ache  Neo color II), Woody Stabilo)                                          




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