300sometimes-its-a-black-white-worldSometimes It’s A Black & White World            Mixed Media                                        © Mira M. White

This mixed media workshop focuses on the inherent beauty of black as a color. It will incorporate both drawing and painting processes and honors the rich and varied tonal & textural effects one can achieve with a restrained palette of blacks, greys and white.. We will work a variety of media which will include black and white gesso, ink, silverpoint, graphite, water based graphite & graphite powder. Marker pens will be included in the mix as will both pencils and soft pastels. This exciting, innovative workshop is for continuing artists of all mediums.

Its all about finding beauty in both the dark and the light.

June 16-18, 2017                                               Tuition: $ 345
Friday- Sunday, 9:30 am-4:30 pm             Pre-register: 800 -653-3328
Mendocino Art Center                          
45200 Little Lake St.
Mendocino, California


THE ABSTRACT BEAUTY OF BLACK—and all the shades of grey….

Derwent Graphtone Water based Graphite set 2b, 4b,6b,8b
Lyra Water based Graphite crayon ( Blick online
Art Graf Water Based Graphite Tablets ( Amazon)
Rembrandt black, white, grey soft pastel sticks, 1 each
Powdered Charcoal & Graphite powder( Weber brand)

Gel medium ( pint size), and/or Polymer Medium
White and Black Acrylic Gesso
Silver/ iridescent acrylic ( I like Nova) and/or silver acrylic ink
Black Sumi Ink ( Yasutomo preferred)

Select your choice.Rag Drawing paper- 2 large sheets (Lennox 100 , Coventry rag)
1 Cradled wood panel and/or , gessoed cardboard
1 sheets Arches hot press 140lb. or 300 lb watercolor paper—
A support board for your work
Additional supplies:
3 Cosmetic spray bottles ( .99 @ Bed, Bath & Beyond)
A piece of Silver jewelry and/or a silverpoint stylus ( purchase
Variety of purchased or personally designed stencils ( optional)
Mark making tools:The following are your choice:
Different Brushes
Color Shapers

Materials fee to instructor: $ 10


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